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The Barefoot Gourmet was founded by Barry Clarke in 2010. His penchant for unique dishes from around the world found an immediate – and enthusiastic – audience in the Upper Valley and beyond. Barry happily retired in 2021, leaving the business in the more than capable hands of Chef Ashleigh Putnam.

Ashleigh’s fearlessly creative culinary style and love of cooking on an open fire make her a perfect match for The Barefoot Gourmet.  (Not to mention that she truly does go barefoot whenever possible.)

Serving tantalizing foods from over 30 countries


Thank you so much for all your fantastic work putting on the dinner for the wedding celebration! The food was amazing - we got so many positive comments of people who loved it! The mac and cheese, chicken, mushrooms, and stew were some of the crowd favorites, but honestly, everyone seemed to love everything - so well done. Thanks for all the hard work you put into making it all come together. The staff was also super friendly and made everything run smoothly.

Zach & Laura Dino - Wedding, Loch Lyme Lodge - Lyme, NH

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